Locations in Eindhoven and Waalre

  • Personal attention

    Every student is different. Each receives the personal attention and support which suits them the best.

  • Content-orientated support

    A dedicated group of highly educated people is standing by to help your child with any subject.

  • Open during school holidays

    Exam week or other assignments after the holiday? We are open during school holidays.

  • Always available

    Even in the evening or the weekend. We are always on standby. By phone, e-mail or Whatsapp.

  • Private, modern locations

    Nice and modern spaces, well ventilated with air conditioning. High quality space and furniture.

  • High-end equipment

    Apple laptops, iMacs and iPads available for homework related purposes.

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Location: Eindhoven city center

Situated on the Jan van Hooffstraat 8 on the Markt in the center of Eindhoven. Because of this we are easily accessible for students coming by bike or public transport: there's a bus stop in front of the building and there is a secure bicycle storage around the corner.

Our location in Eindhoven is under Aart's supervision. He has a no-nonsense approach and aims for the highest possible results. There's always time for a joke, but not at the expense of homework. Aart is convinced that most students are more capable than they might think and he enjoys helping them reach their fullest potential. Aart was originally a history teacher and has been taking care of the homework guidance for 6 years.

Get to know us in Eindhoven
  • Locatie Eindhoven, Huiswerkbegeleiding: Hartje Centrum
  • Locatie Eindhoven, Huiswerkbegeleiding: Persoonlijke Begeleiding
  • Locatie Eindhoven Centrum: Huiswerkbegeleiding
  • Locatie Eindhoven Centrum, Huiswerkbegeleiding; Studiebegeleiding
  • Locatie Waalre, Huiswerkbegelelding; Vestigingsmanager: Fenna
  • Locatie Waalre: Begeleid Studeren
  • Locatie Waalre: Huiswerkbegeleiding; Moderne apparatuur
  • Locatie Waalre: Huiswerkbegeleiding, Persoonlijke Studiebegeleiding

Location: Waalre

Next to the Eindhovenseweg is the Raadhuisstraat 14 building in (Aalst) Waalre. Located just below Eindhoven and perfectly situated on the cycling route for students living in Waalre. Students will often show up in their sports gear to immediately go to the hockey club Oranje-Rood after finishing their homework. Bicycles are securely stored in our own parking area and there is a bus stop just a minute away.

The students in Waalre are under Fenna's supervision. She combines her passion for pedagogy and didactic with a broad knowledge in the different subjects. Helping students is a very natural thing for her and she is always excited to help students, no matter the subject.

Get to know us in Waalre

Locatie: Tilburg Centrum

Very centrally located: our location is on Spoorlaan 308 in the middle of the Centre of Tilburg. Just a five minute walk from the central station; very easily accessible by public transport. There is more than enough space to store your bike (guarded). Parking in front of the door is also possible.

Probeer 4 weken in Tilburg
  • Locatie Tilburg, Huiswerkbegeleiding: Centrum, Spoorlaan
  • Locatie Eindhoven, Huiswerkbegeleiding: Persoonlijke Begeleiding
  • Bijles & Huiswerkbegeleiding Tilburg, Persoonlijke kennismaking.
  • Bijles & Huiswerkbegeleiding Tilburg, Vakinhoudelijke ondersteuning.
  • Locatie Eindhoven Centrum, Huiswerkbegeleiding; Studiebegeleiding

Extended opening hours

Each student has their own studying rhythm. To make sure everyone can make use of our guidance we have very broad opening hours. On weekdays we are open from 13:00 until 18:30, although we often stay open a bit longer to help a student with a question or test.

During the weekends we are open on Sunday mornings from 11:00 til 14:00. We maintain these opening hours during the school holidays such as the fall holiday, spring holiday, etc. We are only closed during the summer holiday and a single week of the Christmas holiday.

What services

Can you expect from us?

  • A personal and introductory meeting

  • Checking the quality and feasibility of your child's planning

  • Checking / examining at least one subject every day

  • A four week trial period. In case you're not satisfied, it will be stopped free of charge

  • Teaching your child how to plan and how to stick to a planning

  • Daily updates which you can keep track of with your smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Content-orientated support for any subject

  • An intake with your daughter/son. Setting up clear agreements on expectations and method


By parents and students

Fun doing Homework

The personalized approach, agreements being upheld and good communication combine to give us as parents confidence in the approach of “De Wilde Huiswerkbegeleiding”. Our son enjoyed his homework more, has his things in order and feels more confident.

Jolanda Bakker
Waalre 2017

Professional and Cosy

Aart really looks at the child itself: What do they need extra, how can I best motivate them, can I really help them! The contact with the parents is super nice surrounding the progress! A fun, educational, professional, yet cosy study environment for your child and a solid recommendation!

Sophie Notenboom
Eindhoven 2017

Absolute Class

Our son with VMBO-t/HAVO recommended level has ADD, his grades were declining over the years. The expert guidance, the personal contact with us and the good atmosphere at Aart have proven fruitful. He has moved on to HAVO 3 and is walking around with a big smile for the past week!

Maudy van Iersel
Waalre 2017

Dedicated Team

The personal attention during the intake appealed to us greatly as did the approach for the learning difficulties of our son. Through ClassDojo we could follow the progress in tasks, motivation, his planner, and mentality. Through your homework guidance, he graduated! A team of dedicated people. An optimal situation to study.

Mia and Marc Knippenberg
Waalre 2017

Short lines of communication

Our son started with Aart and his team halfway through the school year! We are very satisfied with the guidance and help in learning how to plan. The quick communication lines to discuss anything with Aart is also really pleasant and valuable. Peace has returned to our home! Thank you so much to Aart and the team.

Sonja Hoogewerff
Waalre 2018

Good Guidance

Thank you for the past year, team! Bas and Jens regularly go to Aart.... They are given good guidance and want to come back next school year. If they cannot come sometimes there is always the option to schedule an extra day some other time. Opening hours on Sunday is also a great help.

Sabine Hezemans
Waalre 2018

Yesss, I got my HAVO diploma ?

And I definitely want to thank ‘De Wilde Huiswerkbegeleiding’ for all their help and guidance thanks to which I now have such good grades on my final report. Because of them I finally understood the subject matter in for courses I was struggling with. I cannot thank you enough!

Chloë Mateman
Veldhoven 2018

Learned to plan

Thanks again Aart and the team! In part thanks to you Indah has learned how to plan properly this year such that she can now manage VWO on her own. She has amazing grades even though the change from primary school to high school is substantial. So I am very happy!

Ilana van der Velden-Goudsmit
Waalre 2018

Peace at home returned

Since my daughter Amber started homework guidance our home has become peaceful again. If there are exams she is quizzed the day before and if there is anything she does not understand she receives a good explanation. Aart keeps track of whether she is present and if there is any uncertainty he contacts us right away!

Susan de Keizer
Waalre 2018

Flexible with days present

Mats and Thijmen profited immensely from the pleasant and good guidance. Flexibel with swapping days and if we requested extra help, this was immediately arranged. Really nice. You can expect them back next year. Saves us a lot of stress ;-).

Jacqueline Scheffers-Veelenturf
Waalre 2018

Great results and good times

Dear Aart & team, thank you so much for helping Bas this past year. The results were, in part due to your personal attention and professional approach, amazing and Bas had a really nice time at your homework guidance!

Marie-José van den Hoogenband
Waalre 2018

Involved and thinking along

Well organized and structured guidance. Pleasant and fast communication. Aart is very involved and co-operative! My daughter started in March because her results at school were insufficient. In part thanks to Aart and his team she is now moving on to HAVO 4!

Anne-Mieke van Duivenboden
Waalre 2018

Involvement 100%

Aart and his employees have helped our Nieki do homework and quiz before exams. Communication is no problem, even when some things are not going that well. The sense of involvement from Aart and his team is always 100%. We are very satisfied parents!

Laura Verbeek
Waalre 2018

Individual Attention

Full attention given to the individual problems encountered while a student is studying, with fine guidance offered to help. That was exactly what we were looking for. Our son has found motivation and perseverance and managed to graduate HAVO. Kind regards from proud parents.

Wouter en Monique Kolster
Dommelen 2019

On to HAVO 4

Our daughter started during the final 2 months before the summer holiday. She still had to complete a significant sprint and in part due to Aart and his team managed to make it to HAVO 4. She will be starting homework guidance again after the holiday. We also appreciated the way Aart thought along with us and his flexibility.

Jessika van de Wetering
Eindhoven 2019

Personal attention

We are very satisfied! Guidance with planning her homework and quizzing her on it is personalized and done with attention to detail. She is positively motivated to perform before an exam. She can study in a quiet environment and understand the subject matter thanks to the expertise of all employees.

Nancy van de Vijfeik
Waalre 2019

From 5 to 0 insufficient grades

We started homework guidance last year with 5 insufficient grades and finished the year with 0! I could concentrate really well in the study area and there is enough help if you don’t understand something. It was also nice that you could use MacBooks, you don’t need to bring your own laptop.

Fabiènne Kivits
Eindhoven 2019

Diploma in the Pocket

Our son Camiel would never have gotten his HAVO diploma without Aart! As parents we were especially satisfied with the close contact with Aart de Wilde and his feedback. We are convinced that learning how to plan is going to help Camiel in his future studies!

Irene Billet
Eindhoven 2019


Put Together

A four week trial period. Unsatisfied? You get a full refund.
Free planner.
Access to high-end equipment, including Apple iMac’s, Macbook’s, iPad’s, and free printing at both locations.
Quick communication to parents in case of absence.
A strategy will be created together with the student, parent, and tutor.
Daily check of the Planner .
Random checks of homework to ensure completeness and quality
Students involved in High level sports can warm up their meals using the microwave.
Parents get daily updates about the performance (presence, attitude, quiz results, etc.) of their children through ClassDojo. Accessible through smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Daily guidance by a certified teacher.
A comfortable air-conditioned, quiet working environment.
Study breaks with a free cookie, tea, lemonade or soup.
Homework guidance available during school holidays*.
Learning and improving study skills: planning, summarizing, studying strategies.
Support from tutors with subject specific knowledge, instantly available.
Studying for tomorrow’s test? You will always be examined that day.
Homework guidance performance reviews available on request.
Separate, private rooms available on both locations.

*During school holidays we have adjusted opening hours

Our employees

These are our tutors

Stefan: Huiswerkbegeleiding Waalre, Regio Eindhoven


Stefan can handle any subject, and is especially good at math, physics, and chemistry. He is studying Psychology & Technology at the TU in Eindhoven and is great at explaining subject matter to students. He already has plenty of experience with homework guidance and used to tutor students at his old high school, the Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven, in several subjects.

Maureen Huiswerkbegeleiding: Scheikunde Biologie


As a student of Biomedical Engineering Maureen is the one with a green thumb. She feels completely at home in biology, but also excels at physics and chemistry. She has never had any problems with English as the main language at the Eindhoven University of Technology as she is also highly proficient in this language. A jack of all trades we are happy to have.

Goos, Huiswerkbegeleiding Waalre


Aside from being our resident Pokemon expert, he is a specialist at motivating students. He will not give up before achieving the desired result. His enthusiasm is infectious. Students enjoy Goos’s guidance because of his patience and perseverance. His expansive knowledge is in part due to studying at the TU Eindhoven.

Toby, Huiswerkbegeleiding Waalre: Economie, Wiskunde, Nederlands


Toby is the best at knowing when a student does or does not know their subject matter. He can flawlessly explain to a student where they are going wrong and how to fix it. Besides that he can explain anything about economics, math or Dutch. His motto is: ‘The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked!’


 proudly guiding students of approximately 20 different high schools

Huiswerkbegeleiding, Leerlingen, Weredi, Valkenswaard
Huiswerkbegeleiding, Leerlingen, Sint Joris College, Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding, Leerlingen, Dr. Knippenberg College, Helmond
Huiswerkbegeleiding, International School Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Van Maerlant Lyceum Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Huygens Lyceum Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Augustinianum Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Montessori College, Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding, Leerlingen, Strabrecht College, Geldrop
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Plein Helder School, Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Aloysius de Roosten, Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Novalis College, Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Huygens Lorentz Casimir Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding, Sint Lucas Eindhoven
Huiswerkbegeleiding Leerlingen, Antoon Schellens College, Eindhoven


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Location Waalre
Raadhuisstraat 14
5582 JD Waalre
Tel: ‭06 - 27 15 31 26‬

Location Tilburg
Spoorlaan 308
5038 CC Tilburg
Tel: 06 - 21 66 63 81

Email: info@dewildehuiswerkbegeleiding.nl

Business hours
Mo - Friday: 13:00 – 18:30
Sunday: 11:00 – 14:00

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